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In Holy Wars HPs are Ammo - Sell unwanted rares with skill for HP

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Hey Guys,

I'm buying 3 bad rares with skill (treasure set rares, FF HNs that become rares, etc...) or any other rares with skill, 3 for 1 HP. Remember those bad Angels you get for referrals or the bad phoenix that doesn't evolve which you got for you first treasure set. Any 3 of those for 1 HP. Send me as many as you have.

Also, I'm buying 9 HNs with skills for 1 HP. I'm quick at approving trades (I check every hour, unless I'm asleep or stuck in a meeting). Also, if you don't have a set of 9 HNs with skill, I'm buying them piece meal for 20k rupies each.

Finally, I'm trading my clean M Popstar (SR) + 10HPs for a clean Maya (HR).

Just send any of these trades directly to my RoB name: NazgulPrime

If you have questions, send them in game via support.


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