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I just brought 2 max en master gunnars for 32 hp :)

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Now I got 3 to shoot down those silly walls, will to loan them out to order members to help

2I just brought 2 max en master gunnars for 32 hp :) Empty XD on Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:14 am


thats quite cheap considering the prices people are asking for it now. haha. anyways, do you have any idea when we will be utilizing the voxer app for communication between the members? its been sitting around on my phone but with 0 uses on it so far. lol


The voxer app is in utilization already, a pm of the name your are registered under will allow you to be added to the order room


Hey Flip you still got your m golems? want to make a wall breaker deck to pass around for this holy war? I am willing to donate 2 master gunnars for this purpose


Just finished the ff master gunner weighing in at 15008 atk she's a beauty

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