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Hello, and nice to meet ya!

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1Hello, and nice to meet ya! Empty Hello, and nice to meet ya! on Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:53 pm


I am lvl 62 demon realm with 50k base atk and 52k base def. Eventhough my def is currently stronger than my atk in base value but I am prioritizing to improve my atk deck (all demon cards). I am a fairly active player but during weekdays I am limited to only playing at night since I am working a demanding job. Mostly I would be able to play throughout the weekends. I am working in China so my timezone is GMT+8. Looking forward to playing with you all and contributing to this order. I like the fact that the leader and people here are dedicated and committed to helping each other out for the mutual benefit of reaching the top, and most importantly, having fun! I will do my best as well! I have tons of Rares and some HRs that you may be able to use so I will be posting the card lists up in the trade section shortly. I welcome suggestions and tips to be a better player. Let's do this!!!

PS: Sorry for the long post lol.

2Hello, and nice to meet ya! Empty Re: Hello, and nice to meet ya! on Fri Jul 27, 2012 1:29 pm


tldr :3 jk! China that is amazing! Our attitudes as individuals will make this order top tier! I like the vibe already from all who I have met so far! Well I'm Andrew people call me Andu (Ann-dew) looking forward to battle aside such cool new fellows I'll be sure
To add you guys ASAP!

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