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How to use feeders properly when enhancing?!?

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1How to use feeders properly when enhancing?!? Empty How to use feeders properly when enhancing?!? on Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:19 pm


Ok this sounds dumb but I have feeders, and I wanna know the right way to go about enhancing. Can anyone lmk if it's worth it to fully evolve the HN etc. lmk guys thanks haha! :3


Hopefully someone can verify this but I wasn't evolving HNs with skills just so when I enhance my mains, my chance of a skill boost would go up because I'd be throwing 4 archangels and 4 skeleton knights in there. But yeah, if anyone else has better knowledge, it would be much appreciated.

3How to use feeders properly when enhancing?!? Empty Admin on Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:09 pm


since this is mostly game related, can we have like a members only forum to post to as well? thanks


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Take Luciella for example. The difference between a 4-1 (meaning you only used 4 luciellas to get it to its final form, than maxed it once(1) at the end) and an 8-15 (used 8 luciellas and maxed every single stage (adds to 15)) is 1703 atk-wise. Now this can be considered quite substantial as this margin could definitely decide whether an individual would win or lose. It is however much more costly to enhance 15 cards as opposed to just one.

Thus, consider taking an approach inbetween the two in a 6-7 luciella. It lets you buy two less cards and enhance 8 less, which is huge in that you save a large amount of rupies, with only an 84 atk difference between the two.

All-in-all, it can be worth it if you have the time and resources to go make an 8-15 card, but really the option that will get you the best possible card while saving a lot of time and rupies is to go for a 6-7.

Pyramid of how you would enhance a 6-7:

* = max enhanced

3* 3*
1 1 1 1 1 1

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