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Nightmare for trade and sale (I prefer trade)

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1 Nightmare for trade and sale (I prefer trade) on Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:57 am


Hey Order Mates,

As per my intro post, I just got an offer on my nightmare for 45 HPs (best on yet), but I haven't sold it yet. I believe order mates should have first pick. So I'm posting it on our trading area. I don't really want HPs, what I really want are fully evolved 6-6 (or better) Rheas and Agnis (by my count, I can get 5 (2 Rheas and 3 Agnis) for the Nightmare, right?

I respect our forums rules on trades and if I'm not being fair let me know, but I've researched prices and have already received offers on the nightmare.


2 All I have on Sat Jul 28, 2012 4:09 pm


Is a 3-0 Agni++ right now. I can't fulfill ur trade, which sucks lol


Hey I got some agai, I can give you some and some Rhea;s for the nightmare, I will give you HP to even out the balance? Many of each do you want?


the trade is reasonable, 3 6-6 agais and 2- 6-6 rheas = about 30-35 hp worth of rares, and maybe 10-15 hp worth of enchaning so maybe a little on the high side but not ridiculous the issue is finding someone with all those cards. Most people don't bother enchancing rares pass a 4-6 or a 6-2 so finding someone who did a 6-6 evo on a Agai is the hard part.

5 Nightmare Sold on Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:28 am


Thanks for the feedback guys. I got an offer for 5 Agnis and 4 Rheas + 42 HPs and I sold it.


If you need anymore Agai or Rhea let me know I think i got about 2-3 of each I am not using, trade you them for 1 hp each

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