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Nightmare for trade and sale (I prefer trade)

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1Nightmare for trade and sale (I prefer trade) Empty Nightmare for trade and sale (I prefer trade) on Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:57 am


Hey Order Mates,

As per my intro post, I just got an offer on my nightmare for 45 HPs (best on yet), but I haven't sold it yet. I believe order mates should have first pick. So I'm posting it on our trading area. I don't really want HPs, what I really want are fully evolved 6-6 (or better) Rheas and Agnis (by my count, I can get 5 (2 Rheas and 3 Agnis) for the Nightmare, right?

I respect our forums rules on trades and if I'm not being fair let me know, but I've researched prices and have already received offers on the nightmare.


2Nightmare for trade and sale (I prefer trade) Empty All I have on Sat Jul 28, 2012 4:09 pm


Is a 3-0 Agni++ right now. I can't fulfill ur trade, which sucks lol


Hey I got some agai, I can give you some and some Rhea;s for the nightmare, I will give you HP to even out the balance? Many of each do you want?


the trade is reasonable, 3 6-6 agais and 2- 6-6 rheas = about 30-35 hp worth of rares, and maybe 10-15 hp worth of enchaning so maybe a little on the high side but not ridiculous the issue is finding someone with all those cards. Most people don't bother enchancing rares pass a 4-6 or a 6-2 so finding someone who did a 6-6 evo on a Agai is the hard part.

5Nightmare for trade and sale (I prefer trade) Empty Nightmare Sold on Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:28 am


Thanks for the feedback guys. I got an offer for 5 Agnis and 4 Rheas + 42 HPs and I sold it.


If you need anymore Agai or Rhea let me know I think i got about 2-3 of each I am not using, trade you them for 1 hp each

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