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hi everyone

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1hi everyone Empty hi everyone on Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:02 pm


hi my name is Alex I live in western Washington pacific standard time my stats are ATK:30k DEF:27k stamina is 165 ATK PWR is 158 and my DEF PWR is 130 I am looking to raise my DEF but i feel that my ATK is lacking so i have been working on that and it should grow soon.

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Welcome again, and I find that at times, though balance is always good, it's better to focus on one aspect when it pertains to the betterment of the guild. Depending on if you're faction is man, god, or demon, I'd advice you to play to your strength so that you don't stretch yourself so thinly trying to balance everything. The factions relate to your strengths as follows: Demon - Heavy Atk, Man - Heavy Defense, God - Potential to do well in either, but stick to one. Anyways, I'm sure that you'll prove to be a great addition to our order as you start finding the right cards (which we will do our best to help you with), and I look forward to seeing how far you've progressed come the next HW.

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