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Fool Proof Item Trading

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1 Fool Proof Item Trading on Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:19 pm


Sell CW 3:2 Sell HP: 2:1
Buy CW 2:1 Buy HP: 3:2


9 CW Sells for 6 HP
6HP sells for 12 CW (Profit 3CW or 1 HP)
12 CW Sells for 8 HP
8 HP sells for 16 CW...

so on and so forth...

If Rupies,

3 cw @ 110 K = 330K, Sell for 150K = 450K = 120K or 1 CW profit
3 HP @ 225K = 675K, Sell for 300K = 900K = 225K or 1 HP profit

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3 Re: Fool Proof Item Trading on Thu Aug 02, 2012 7:00 pm


Yeah, I'm kind of a numbers nerd! I was bored so I made a spreadsheet on excel last night for easy input calculations to see what you can get based upon how many of whatever item that you want. Also, you can edit the prices for rupie trading and it will auto calculate, as well as changing the rate of CW:HP exchange based upon market conditions.

Now you just have to find people that are willing to trade/buy/sell. Beats grinding for hours to sell sets of feeders n stuff... I mean.. you can basically fund your CW needs for feeder harvesting with just the profits.

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