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what should I do?

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1what should I do? Empty what should I do? on Sat Aug 04, 2012 5:03 am


SO after months of trading, farming and some luck I manage to save up ~350 HP. With that 350 HP I have manage to buy 6 nightmares and 6 wraiths to start my move from are evo R deck to a HR deck, but looking at it right now I am wondering if it is a good idea. I have brought the 2 most expensive HR's to start the deck with, meaning I will have a deck of probably, 1 6-10 NM, 1- 6-10 wrath, a 6-10 Lucy, 1 FF elder dragon and 1 FF succubus, then have to farm up for maybe another 2 months before getting more cards. For the cost of 6 NM's, I could probably get a 4-6 archdemon and 4-6 ark dragon, and maybe have some HP left over. The stats would probably be better for me in the short term, but not as great in the long run. So advice for someone starting out in HR demon realm, should I:
A: get 1 6-10 NM
B: get 1 4-6 arch demon and 1 4-6 ark dragon

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