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ATK/DEF Leaders and Vice-Leader (8/3/12)

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1ATK/DEF Leaders and Vice-Leader (8/3/12) Empty ATK/DEF Leaders and Vice-Leader (8/3/12) on Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:25 am


This topic is to display and update the current ATK/DEF leaders and the Vice-Leader and show aspiring members what stats they are aiming to pass to gain one these positions. These positions can always change and most likely will change on atleast a weekly basis. Members can challenge for positions whenever they want and if they prove to have higher stats than the current leader(s) for either ATK or DEF the lowest of the two leaders will pass their position on.

Current ATK Leader(s) and stats:
Haowai33 - Atk: 72000
PredAly - Atk: 59000

Current DEF Leader(s) and stats:

Jinthesensei - Def: 53000
MrPoke - Def: 51000

Current Vice-Leader:


Members who have been chosen please focus on improving the stats that you have become leaders of, and for all other members aim to surpass these individuals, good luck.

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