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Order Communication: Voxer

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1Order Communication: Voxer Empty Order Communication: Voxer on Sat Jul 28, 2012 4:28 am


Alright guys, after talking it over with Flip, it's been concluded that Voxer would be the best program to use to communicate quickly within the order when posting on the forum would take too much time. So when all of you can, I'd like for you guys to download Voxer on your smartphones, iPhones, or whatever else so that during large events (i.e. Holy Wars) and whenever you just need more instant answers you can use this program. Once you register on Voxer, pm me your usernames and I'll add it to this thread.


Me(xSammyKang) - Sammy Kang

Haowai - Hai Wai
Jinthesensei - Chris Jin
Slothzero - Ong Sloth
Flip329 - Jeremiah Salonga
Zerogod77 - Zerogod77 Simon
Technomageprime - Technomage Prime
Z3R0C00L77 - Z3R0 C00L77
MrPoke - Edmund Chua
SaintSlaughter - Saint Slaughter
GoldenCompany - GoldenCompany ROB

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