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Rules of Trading

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1Rules of Trading Empty Rules of Trading on Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:56 am


I'm not going to place many restrictions on trade because that's for the two who are trading to work out, but I will list a few that are really just common sense:

1. Trading should remain friendly and ultimately constructive. We don't need order-members going all out at each other over a price that was a bit-too-high or anything along those lines.

2. No hijacking. If two members are engaging in a trade and things seem to be going well, don't come in trying to offer lower prices or basically steal the trade away. I completely understand that the intentions are good and may be appreciated in many cases, but it's not unusual for these kinds of things to lead to arguments and bruised-egos.

3. Reasonable trades/Keep in mind the ultimate goal of trading within the order. The goal of us trading within the order is so that we don't have to go out and subject ourselves to market-prices on cards that are already within our order. An order is a single entity that works together to better itself as a whole by improving its various parts. I'm not saying you have to be handing your cards out; by all means get some compensation here and there (preferably in the form of a card that you need), but remember that though whatever you take will most likely stay within the order it keeps other members from contributing more.

4. Cards gained through the guild stay with the order. I'd ask that members not 'flip' cards for a profit meaning taking cards that were gained through an order member's generosity or otherwise, and selling them for HP or other cards unless given explicit permission by the order member that initially gave the card(s).

These are the four basic rules, and more may be added at a later time, but those are most likely going to be less general, case-specific ones. I'm not going to get into punishments or anything like that because I believe and trust in the members of this order, and until I am made to lose that trust there will be no need. Well, let the trading begin.

Order Leader: xSammyKang

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